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1.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2005
Brief History of NAAC, Becoming a Catechumenate Junkie, Introductions to the Board, Resources, etc.

1.2 NAAC Newsletter Spring 2006
Reflections on the Paschal Mystery, Annual Gathering 2006, Resources, etc.

2.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2006
Super-catechu-MAN-ate, Passing of Jerry Christopher, Review of
The Hallelujah Highway, etc.

2.2 NAAC Newsletter Spring 2007
A review of
Creating an Effective Mystagogy, an essay on Mystagogy, an annoucement of a new Girard association, news on the 2007 Gathering, etc.

3.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2007
Article on the 2008 Gathering on "The Catechumenate for Postmodern Times," Pierson Shaw's article on "Catechumenate Rites Engender Hospitality, a review of
Christianity for the Rest of Us, etc.

3.2 NAAC Newsletter Spring 2008
Details on the speakers, theme, and workshops at the July 2008 Gathering; article on Consultation on NAAC directions; article on Faith and Font event in Seattle 2008.

4.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2008
An introduction to the members of the Board of Directors, an online survey for NAAC members to provide input for the Board, announcement of Gathering 2009, etc.

4.2 NAAC Newsletter Spring 2009
Articles from the NAAC president on future planning, on a NAAC member survey, on the Gathering in 2009, on selecting sponsors for the catechumentate, book reviews, etc.

4.3 NAAC Newsletter Summer 2009

Articles on the Annual Gatherings of 2009 and 2010, a book review, notice of the revised NAAC website, and a draft of the Strategic Plan for NAAC developed by the Board of Directors for input from the membership.

5.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2009
Articles on the impact of the RCIA, the year-round catechumenate, notes from the Board, announcement of the next gathering, etc.

5.2 NAAC Newsletter Spring 2010
Articles on the gathering in the summer of 2010, notes on the worshops, notes from the Board, a book review, etc.

6.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2010
Articles on celebrating Easter Tridium in July, on the catechumenate at St. Michael's and All Angels, report from the Board of Directors, etc.

6.2 NAAC Newsletter Winter 2011
Articles on the Gathering for 2011 in San Francisco, an update from the president of NAAC, a book review of Mark Stamm's latest book, etc.

6.3 NAAC Newsletter Spring 2011
Article on LACE: Partners in Faith Formation, notes  from the Board of Directors, and an essay by Jessicah Duckworth, "Running From — and to — the Periphery: A Metaphor for the Catechumenate."

7.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2011
Articles by JoAnn Rash and Paul Palumbo with news from the Board, announcement of Summer Regional Institutes, etc.

7.2 NAAC Newsletter Winter 2012
Article by Rick Rouse with news from the Board, announcement of the Regional Training Institutes, an article on Marl Stamm's concept of "Holy Hanging Around," the coming of the catechumentate to Holy Trinity in Toronto, etc.

7.3 NAAC Newsletter Spring 2012
Article by Rick Rouse with news from the Board, a testimonial from a training institute; a book review of Sam Torvend's book Flowing Water, Uncommon Birth by Brian Hansen; notice of a new book on the catechumenate Go Make Disciples; etc.

8.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2012
Article by Rick Rouse on values of the summer institutes for the Calvin Institute, a notice of the 2013 joint meeting of NAAC and Associated Parishes, etc.

8.2 NAAC Newsletter Winter 2013
Article by Rick Rouse with news from the Board, announcement of the Houston Regional Training Institute, a book review of Leading Through the Waters by Brian Hansen, and an article on Confirmation and Church Leadership by Jerry Pare.

8.3 NAAC Newsletter Spring 2013

News of upcoming training events and the joint NAAC and APLM conference, and a classic essay by Aiden Kavanaugh, "The Easter Vigil: A Rite of Passage."

8.4 NAAC Newsletter Summer 2013
News from the NAAC Board, information on congregations hosting institutes, an essay by Dan Benedict on "Mystagogy in the Easter Season," etc.

9.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2013
News from the NAAC Board, a book review of Diana Butler Bass's Christianity After Religion, and the first part of an essay by John Hill, "Making Disciples the Way Jesus Did."

9.2 NAAC Newsletter Winter 2014
News from the NAAC Board, word on the 2014 Annual Gathering, a review of Wide Welcome by Jessicah Duckworth, and the conclusion of an essay by John Hill, "Making Disciples the Way Jesus Did."

9.3 NAAC Newsletter Spring 2014
Article on the future events through NAAC, a book review of
Living into Community, an article on the "Cate-chume-what?" by Clint Schnekloth, and an article on "Matters of the Heart: Lent, Candidates, and the Congregation" by Daniel Benedict.

9.4 NAAC Newsletter Summer 2014
Article "The Vigil's Over, Now What?" by Paul Hoffman, a book review by Jerry Pare, and promotion articles on the Annual Gathering in Vancouver, Canada, and the Training Event in Virginia.

10.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2014
News from the Board, a book review of Clint Schnekloth's
mediating faith, an essay by Paul Hoffman "Faith Forming Faith," and promotion of upcoming catechumentate training events.

10.2 NAAC Newsletter Winter 2015
News from the Board, an essay by Michael Marchal on "The Rite of Welcome," reflections on the summer gathering by Teresa Lochart Eisenlohr, and articles on future catechumenate events.

10.3 NAAC Newsletter Spring 2015
News from the Board, announcements of upcoming events, a book review of Daily Prayer for All Seasons, and an article on "The Lenten Scruitinies" by Bryon Hanson.

10.4 NAAC Newsletter Summer 2015
News on the Gathering, an article by Wayne Schwab on "The Apprenticeship for Christian Living," and recipes for pashka and punch for an Easter Vigil.

11.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2015
News on the Baltimore Gathering, with a report by Elise Eslinger and testimonials by several attendees, an update on some resources, etc.

11.2 NAAC Newsletter Winter 2016
News from the NAAC President, profiles of the presenters at the 2016 Gathering, comments by Dan Benedict on "The Catechumenate and the Already Baptized," a  promo of a resource Becoming the Story We Tell, etc.

11.3 NAAC Newsletter Spring 2016

Promotion of the Annual Gathering, an article on the Gathering theme by Lizette Larson-Miller, an essay "From Membership to Discipleship" by Larry Ehren, etc.A message from Bev Piro, NAAC President;  an article by Donna Linn; a book review of Rick Rouse's Beyond the Church Walls; and information on the Annual Gathering.

12.1 NAAC Newsletter Fall 2016

A report on the summer gathering, an essay "Making Disciples" by the Rt. Rev. Karl S. Smith, a book review of "Discerning Disciples: Listening for God’s Voice in Christian Initiation" by Michael Marchal, etc.

12.2 NAAC Newsletter Winter 2017
A report from the president, an essay on ``Culture and Baptism`by Dan Benedict, an essay by Andrew Rampton on `Parish Administration as Catechesis,`and notices of the Annual Gathering in 2017 and training events in North Carolina and California in 2017.